by Graves

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released October 15, 2016

Recorded 2010–2015 in Ruhstätten, Upper Austria.
Digitized, produced and mixed by Graves.
Mastered by Christoph Burgstaller in Vienna.
Words & Music by Graves.

On this record, Graves are
Lukas Novak, Markus Steijner, Anton Richter,
Adam Lukas, Arthur Mróz, Charlotte K. Allen,
Matteo Haitzmann, Julia Luiki, Matthäus Bär,
Lisa Edi



all rights reserved


Graves Vienna, Austria

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Track Name: Seasons
seasons are changing
they always do
how come the tide has found
no comfort in you

movement was little
chance weighed us down
kindness was pregnant
for an hour or two

follow the seasons
all children will die
follow the tide bore
run into the wild

reasons are changing
they always do
how come your answers
make comfort untrue

i'm moving through a waterfall
i turn my head and i fall
i never learned to swim
i might still learn to dive

(i´m only guessing those figures and facts
how can you expect love or that i'm not lost?)
Track Name: Effigy
morning gave water
just a little chill
it forced the ice against my windowsill
from the winter i keep hiding
from white pages

spending your days
you build an effigy?
why would you hang its shadow over you and me?
from the winter who is hiding
from our half faded belief
Track Name: Tiniest Bloom
i am still in line with things that close
ancient trials on me
i am on time the clock knows
all is mimicry

still in a line with fire
ancient vines are growing close
ask the tire pattern
all is mimicry

no grave can bind the still
no thing is safe inside the womb
and the tiniest bloom
is an unborn wild

i'm still in line with protest
your maiden name: it sounded true
like a promised unrest nothing mimics you

no grave can bind the still
no thing is safe inside the womb
and the tiniest bloom
is an unborn wild
Track Name: In Our Ruin
little voices in your head
tiny songs we've played them – dead
sudden voices from the speakers of a restless telephone
i can ring it like your doorbell
let me in i'll catch a cold

in our ruin we let go
time is little we are too
are we restless spinning little buddhas on their little plates
a baggage carousel (when you can't find yours: you'll have to wait)

the faces in your dreams
do they still belong to me?
and the voices in your team
did they tell you to give in?
Track Name: Drive (All Night)
wake all ancestors
dress hurriedly your sleeping child
in the midnight hours
drive into the unborn wild

a trunk of all that's precious
in the backseat of the van
i wish we were still little brothers
i was little then
were you?
Track Name: Icarus
i met the icarus from crete a while ago
i watched him fly the world returned
i cried when he had burned

now i've come to plant a water birch
where ashes turn to earth
much taller than our house
(one day it will live and i'll be dust)
Track Name: Wals & Wells
the walls have moved
i'm getting lost inside our house
i won't ask to leave
for every step i'm taking twice
one for you and one for me

and i don't want your hands
or your kisses
or your death
i'll have that for myself
i'll have a spell upon your well
throw a wish you'd never tell

since i still occupy
and since you're gone
the walls have moved apart
it's been forseen
that every step i'm taking twice
one for you and one for me